Thank you for all of your help yesterday, it was a very helpful and enjoyable experience. I’m hoping to use some of your recommendations as renegotiation points. Thanks again!
John B. Rumford, RI 24/04/17

Thank you for forwarding the photos and taking the time to inspect the property on such short notice.  I found the inspection process with you to be very educational and appreciate your work.  I’ll plan to set up a yelp profile soon and leave you a review.  Have a great day!

Nam & Emily Quincy, MA 15/04/17

Thank you for being so through, we really appreciate it.

Ryan P. Plymouth, MA 05/05/17

Thanks Guy, Appreciate your help, I think I avoided a bad situation.

Steve J. East Taunton, MA 20/05/17

My husband and I recently purchased a new manufactured home that came with a 15-month warranty; so we searched inside and out for anything that might need fixing. We were surprised at how much we had missed but thankful for what Guy had found using his 33 years of knowledge and experience. He was professional, pleasant and patient – we had many questions; he answered them all. He was thorough and he included us in the process, making it both educational and fun. Shortly before the warranty is up, we plan to have him back to inspect for any new or potential problems. Guy gave us direction, peace of mind and 5-star service. We wouldn’t recommend anyone else!

Ann F Weymouth, MA 15/04/17
Thank you for all of your help yesterday, it was a very helpful and enjoyable experience. I’m hoping to use some of your recommendations as renegotiation points. Thanks again!
John B. Rumford, RI 25/03/17
Thanks for the inspection today. I was very impressed with the professionalism and thoroughness you had throughout the process.
The seller is fixing the underbelly and the leak.
Steven H. Kingston, MA 16/03/17

Hi Guy,

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for all your help with my Nana’s inspection. We used you for our first home location and have recommended you to many friends since. With my Nana this is her first time purchasing a home without my grandfather to help and it has been a very scary process for her. It was without hesitation that I knew when it came to having an inspection done for her new place that I’d be calling you. For myself and our friends, it has always been an easy and fabulous process and we all have felt assured that without a doubt that we knew what we were getting into.

I wanted to just thank you again for making the appointment process easy, getting out as quickly as you did, and finally making sure Nana felt great with the new condo she had just purchased. I know a lot of times instead of receiving compliments we are too quick to complain, so I wanted to take the time today to send you a quick thank you for everything!

J MA 09/06/15

Barbara, You may remember that you sent Guy to inspect our home, to get it ready to sell, two years ago. Last month we sold the house “as is” to the first person who looked at it. Subsequently we had two full price back up offers. Needless to say, Guy’s inspection was a big help to us in putting up an offering that was perfect.

Thanks for your great service. Everyone selling a home should utilize this fine service. Thank you.


We would like to thank you both for your thoroughness and dedication: Barbara thank you for getting the lab results expedited over the long weekend; Guy thank you for noticing the oil stain in the basement and thank you both for reinforcing the importance of further testing.

After soil sample tests came back with high levels of oil components we think the old fuel line was leaking for years and years. It seems like cleanup costs will likely surpass into the six digits and we had to let that home go.

We honestly can’t thank you enough. The exorbitant costs and time to clean up this mess would have sunk us. We still have the chills over how close we came to purchasing that home. We look forward to working with you both again once we find another home.

Many thanks,

B & M Rehoboth, MA

I just wanted to express how pleased I was with the home inspection. As expected with an older home (40+ yrs.), there was a “laundry list” of items that were considered “marginal or unsatisfactory”. Probably the biggest problem was the roof. We found out that the roof 2was at the end of it’s life and needed to be replaced. Instead of being turned off to the property and resuming my house search from square one, I used the inspection report as a negotiation tool. My wife and I made a list of items that were important to us and presented them to the broker. In return, the seller agreed to replace the roof, water heater, and make some repairs to the electrical and gas lines. The inspection basically paid for itself MANY times over! Thank you,


What a MISTAKE not using Sherman Home Inspections for the second time around! My husband and I were looking to purchase our first home. Due to Guy’s outstanding and incredibly informative inspection, we decided not to purchase the property and to continue looking. It wasn’t until recently that my husband and I found another desirable home. This time however, we decided not to use Sherman Home Inspections and to use a local inspector who was slightly cheaper. BIG MISTAKE! The lack of information provided on the two-page home inspection report lead my husband and I to believe that the property was in good condition. Only two weeks after purchasing the property, however, we encountered numerous issues and hazards in the home that were not revealed by our home inspector (and should have been!). We just had to come back and tell you that the service you provide, including both your detailed inspections and your genuinely warm and caring attitude is PRICELESS!


We have used Barbara and Guy twice now for home inspections and would highly recommend their services to any buyer. Their level of professionalism and ability is top notch. Barbara was very courteous and on top of any requests and questions we had. Guy delivered on everything you would want from an inspector of your future home. He arrived early on both occasions, was extremely focused and thorough in his inspection, shared valuable knowledge and ideas onto how to solve problems and determine costs of repair, worked efficiently, and kept his attention and comments to the buyer, not the seller. The inspection reports and photos were very detailed and organized and all a big help in allowing us to negotiate a better offer. Their services were a perfect 10 out of 10 both times.


Mr. Occhino,

My wife Nancy and I would like to thank-you for the home inspection. It was a real eye opener and being first time home buyers it made us aware of things to look for and not be so fixated on the aesthetics of a home. After reviewing your report and our options we decided not to invest in this home. We believe having the inspection has made us better informed and going forward we are better prepared and will be more diligent in how we look at a home’s interior and exterior; especially the basements.

We absolutely would use your services again and look forward to reaching out in the near future.

Thank-you again,

Steve & Nancy

Thank you so much Guy! It was really nice meeting you and I appreciate the time you took to explain everything to me. I certainly learned a lot yesterday. I wish Chris could have been there as well. I did my best to explain everything to him and shared your report. I know he has a few questions, so hopefully you guys can connect if you haven’t already. Much appreciated.

Christine B.

Only the best service around. We used you twice and would recommend you to anyone needing these services.  Thanks Guy.