Sherman Home Inspector Helping New Home Buyers Make Informed Purchases

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Making an investment into a new home or your first home is an exciting moment in your life. A home represents security, a place you belong, hard work, and family legacy. However, with the purchase of a home comes risks. Considering the tens of thousands of dollars new homeowners will invest over the course of a mortgage, being informed can save your pocketbook and your health.

In the more than 30 years, Sherman Home Inspections, Inc. has been in business, our home inspectors examined countless homes, collecting information and experience to protect new homeowners. We are able to provide you a detailed and in-depth home inspection of your home structure, home safety issues, and potential hazards.

Very important aspects go overlooked when a new home buyer physically goes to view a home. For example, the roof. Loose shingles and damaged gutters can signal water damage to the roof itself as well as the attic. A Sherman Home Inspector is diligent enough to see signs of issues and protect potential buyers.

Often, issues are covered up or painted over so you are none the wiser about the risks you face. The integrity of a house’s structure can be a deal breaker. A thorough inspection means investigating deeper to uncover cracks in the wall, ceiling, floors, and foundation. A home can be picture perfect on the surface, but its inner structure is more important.

This leads into our discussion about basement inspections. Since the base of the house is underground, it is highly susceptible to water damage. Inspecting the four walls simply won’t suffice. Inspecting the drainage system, support posts, and beams are equally important.

Home safety is something a Sherman Home Inspector will not compromise on. Most new home buyers never consider the costs that come with a new home purchase after the dotted line is signed. We would all love it if, after a purchase, we can simply move in and enjoy our accomplishment. Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

Overlooked issues will cost new home buyers down the line, and there are no home repairs that come cheap. Checking appliances that come with the home assure the electrical and said appliances function properly.

Rest easy knowing we perform an extensive inspection of the home’s exterior and interior to make certain you are making an informed purchase. Not a crack or window goes uninspected of the accessible areas. We check the staircases along with insulation and ventilation in the attics. Even the decks, porch and trimming are listed on our inspection.

Homes built before 1978 may have been painted using lead-based paint. These are things most realtors wouldn’t know. You have the choice of an inspection of pest conditions in the area for a separate charge. An asbestos inspection is something may choose depending on the age of your home. A chimney inspection is done by doing a chimney sweep and may be a separate charge.

Ask your Sherman’s Home Inspector any questions that come to mind because being informed will help you negotiate a fair price for the home you’re interested in purchasing. Contact us today and take the first steps in protecting your long-term investment. Phone: (508) 947-7595 Email: Visit for more information.

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