7 Things That Can EXPLODE in Your Home!

Written by: Guy Occhino If your attitude towards home maintenance is “I don’t want to know about it, unless it will keep my house from blowing up!”, then you will love this article and video. In it, I will be discussing seven things can explode in your home. The seven things are: gas leaks water heater […]

What NOT to Do If You Have a Septic System

Replacing a septic system can cost tens of thousands of dollars, and pumping your tank more frequently gets expensive too. This article describes things you should NOT do if you have a septic system, to help you avoid these major expenses. If you have a septic system, it is important to protect the natural bacteria […]

14 Ways to Keep Cool AND Save Energy This Summer

Everyone is looking for ways to keep cool this summer and how to save money on their air conditioning bills.  This article and video gives you 14 tips for keeping cool and saving energy. Some of these tips don’t even cost anything to do, but can save you big dollars when the thermometer is rising. […]

Spring Home Inspection Checklist

Spring is getting closer and while you’re preparing to get that spring cleaning done, make sure you’re ready for a Spring Home Inspection.  If you’re not familiar with the concept, a home inspection is a visual review of a home’s structure and system from top to bottom. Or rather, from roof to foundation.  Spring is […]

Winter Home Inspection Pros & Cons

The cold season is fast approaching. Winter on the horizon places prospective home buyers in a dubious situation when it comes to home inspection. Knowing about the home preparedness process and being vigilant are key steps to protecting your investment. At Sherman Home Inspections, we have compiled a list of factors that help and hinder […]

Fall & Winter Home Preparedness Tips

Preparing your home for the cooler fall and winter seasons isn’t as daunting a task as many might think. Home preparedness means taking the necessary steps to winterize your property. Home inspections and home preparedness are smart ways to protect yourself from high repair costs down the line, not to mention smart ways of preventing […]

Rural Property Inspection – Be Prepared

Most home buyers are never fully prepared for the long process of purchasing a home. In truth, getting a loan, find the right home in the right location for the right price, can be stressful. Needless to say, most of us are open to cutting corners or taking a shortcut that expedites the process. Usually, […]

Sherman Home Inspector Helping New Home Buyers Make Informed Purchases

Making an investment into a new home or your first home is an exciting moment in your life. A home represents security, a place you belong, hard work, and family legacy. However, with the purchase of a home comes risks. Considering the tens of thousands of dollars new homeowners will invest over the course of […]

How to Deal with Asbestos

Asbestos: What is it? Asbestos is a mineral found in rocks and soil. It has been used in manufacturing because it is resistant to chemicals, heat, and electricity. For years, however, the dangers of asbestos went unknown and ignored. A key ingredient in construction over this time, asbestos was used in the construction of many […]

What Do Real Estate Agents and Sellers Have to Tell You?

Let’s face it. You’re no expert in property appraisal. At least, you aren’t if you’re the average home buyer. You can look at a piece of property and decide what you like and what you could do without, but when it comes to the issues beneath the surface, most people don’t know what to look […]