DEP Title 5 Inspector

Mark J. Nardone is a Massachusetts DEP certified Title V Inspector since 1998 (License # SI 3895). His extensive knowledge and experience encompasses all types of systems including residential and commercial, and has experience with most new technologies.  He provides the homeowner with an honest, thorough, and impartial inspection of an existing septic or cesspool system and discusses his findings with the client at the completion of the inspection.  Under most circumstances a Title 5 certification can be issued in a timely manner, usually 2-3 business days. Mark is not a septic installer, however a small backhoe is available for excavation for systems that have components deeper than 2 feet. He is licensed in most towns for small repairs such as riser installation, distribution box replacement, pipe repairs/replacement, and sanitary tee replacement if necessary. An electronic locator is also available for locating the existing system when as-built plans are not available.